Mad Anthonys unveils new brand identity

Fort Wayne, IN (April 21, 2022)—One of northeast Indiana’s most venerable and well-known organizations unveiled a new brand identity that pays tribute to its past, present and future.

Mad Anthonys, the organization behind the annual Mad Anthonys Pro-Am and Red Coat honoree program, recently unveiled its new brand, which organization leaders say positions it more effectively for new opportunities and initiatives moving forward – while honoring its historic past.

“We believe this new look establishes a modern, contemporary brand identity that will resonate with younger potential members we’re working to reach and engage,” said Sherri Miller, president of Mad Anthonys. “At the same time, it honors the heritage and prestige of the Mad Anthonys identity we’ve worked so hard to maintain and build on over the years.”

The new brand identity also adapts and expands well to the organization’s sub-brands and signature events, including the Pro-Am, Red Coat Gala and Mad Anthonys Foundation, while maintaining a unified look and feel.

About the Mad Anthonys

The Mad Anthonys is a charitable organization founded in 1957 and comprised of business leaders and professionals from northeast Indiana. The Mad Anthonys Pro-Am is one of the premier charity golf events, along with the Red Coat Gala, raising millions of dollars for charitable organizations in Fort Wayne. For more information, visit